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WOODEN TAPE - Music from Another Place LP

WOODEN TAPE - Music from Another Place LP

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Hauntology/Folk/Ambient/OST - LIMITED TO 250 COPIES ONLY

It is a timeless collection of music that recalls pastoral lands, summer months and folk rituals.

Having played in various bands, supporting acts such as Teeth of the Sea and Mainliner and playing Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, Tim has recently turned his attention to writing a set of pieces based on his memories of children’s television themes coupled with flashes of acid folk and classic OST music of the 1970’s & 80’s. Sonically the album is awash with picked acoustic guitars, percussive adornments, warm synth pads and organ. The titles themselves, suggest lost soundtracks or memories of forgotten TV themes.
As much about time and place as it is about musical influence, this album has been written, performed and recorded by Maycox, who will be taking a band out for some live shows in the Summer of ’23 in support of this album.

‘A beautifully clear melding of minimal electronics and acoustic guitar. This is music without side or cynicism that nevertheless sparkles with a kind of healing magic’
Jim Jupp, Ghostbox 2023

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