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Wellwater Conspiracy - Declaration of Conformity LP LIMITED VINYL

Wellwater Conspiracy - Declaration of Conformity LP LIMITED VINYL

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“Jangling freakout psychedelia” Ptolemaic Terrascope

"Trippy psychedelia that recalls such '60s freak icons as Syd Barrett and 13th Floor Elevators" Rolling Stone Magazine

Formed by Monster Magnet's John McBain and Soundgarden's Matt Cameron & Ben Shepherd in 1993 during some downtime from their day jobs and side project Hater (who released a self-titled album in 1993), Wellwater Conspiracy set about immersing themselves in the dayglo world of sixties psychedelia, channelling the vibrations of Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd and the 13th Floor Elevators to produce the garage lo-fi-lysergic assault on the senses that is their debut album ‘Declaration of Conformity’. Originally issued on Mudhoney's Steve Turners Super Electro label in 1997, the album was met with criKcal acclaim upon its release and Rolling Stone magazine said, "Declaration's fuzzed-out sonics decidedly evoke the Summer of Love."

God Unknown Records are proud to be welcoming the album back into print and on all digital platforms, and this coming September 22nd will see the release of a remastered vinyl pressing with extra tracks and new artwork taking influence from Blue Note Records fabled artwork.

From start to finish, ‘Declaration Of Conformity’ is a loving homage to the true beginnings of psychedelic rock, long before the music got harder and heavier. Songs like ‘Green Undertow’ and ‘Sleeveless’ hark back to the time when The Beatles were spinning the world on its axis with ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’, Syd Barrett was the piper at the gates of dawn and Roky Erickson was introducing the world to his Texan psychedelic sounds. Wellwater Conspiracy’s music exists in that moment when pop music started to fracture and go far further out. It was still pop music, but the edges were starting to blur and the sounds were starting to fracture. This is where ‘Declaration of Conformity’ sits; at the dawn of one of the biggest cultural shigs in musical history.


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