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Late 1990's lost indie rock. 'Dynamo' compiles the three singles Liverpool's PLAYHOUSE released, alongside some outtakes, including a cover of Sebadoh's 'It's So Hard To Fall in Love'. This record is very LIMITED - only 100 copies will be made available.

Back in the 1990's PLAYHOUSE were Liverpool's premiere honey souled indie rock band (NME, 1997). They had a devoted following around the country after supporting the likes of Sleater Kinney, Unwound, Penthouse, Pavement, Sebadoh, Feeder and Gary Numan. With three 7" singles under their belt and support from the NME and John Peel, the band were due to record their debut album until disaster struck when the drummer, Simon, broke his leg in a bizarre incident. 

Simon later went on to play with the rock band Black Spiders and now performs under the name of Blobb Ross.

Singer and guitarist Pete continues to write, over a 1000 songs at this point. He is Liverpool's most prolific and enigmatic figure, writing some of the most beautiful songs around.

Bassist Jason went on to perform with Mugstar, Sex Swing, Klamp, Domes, Twin Sister & JAAW and runs God Unknown Records.

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