Chaos & Calypso LP

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Brighton based eclectic and electric musician John J. Presley returns after a 3-year hiatus with a new album through God Unknown Records. Titled ‘Chaos and Calypso’, due October 13th, and features a vocal collaboration from Blood Red Shoes singer and guitarist Laura Mary Carter.   ‘Sinnerman’ is the first new music from Presley since his debut album ‘As The Night Draws In’ in 2019 and the vinyl only lockdown release ‘Albany Sessions’, which were both released to great acclaim, with Q Magazine calling the album ‘…a bold, striking debut’.   A diary piece that echoes a period of ill health, of spiraling vertigo and misdiagnoses, ‘Sinnerman’ shows Presley’s trademark guitar tone in full effect with enough space in the mix to weave in a new palette of textures from drum machines and synths throughout. In addition, ‘Sinnerman’ features The Invisible’s Tom Herbert on double bass and was recorded with Ian Davenport at Courtyard Studios.   “‘Sinnerman is a result of bad advice, crippling swirling illness and our reliance on big pharma. Cycles of societal problems with no solid plan for the future depress and feed the anxious state. I made it out, thankfully,” explains John. “Having Laura-Mary Carter sing on the track was perfect. We toured with Blood Red Shoes a few years back and have remained friends ever since. She’s a real force, the real deal.  “The album is coming through God Unknown Records later in the year” he continues. “Feels good to be on a label with a collective of similar artists, like my long time compadre Duke Garwood. Big thanks to Jason Stoll at God Unknown for his passion to support.” The debut LP ‘As The Night Draws In’ had broad support across the board from Radio 1’s Jack Saunders, John Kennedy, Cerys Mathews and Bad Seed Jim Sclavunos as well as many of the broadsheets claiming him to be ‘a new light in British music’ - Presley also plays guitar and bass for Nadine Shah, Duke Garwood, Laura Mary Carter, Juanita Stein and Smoke Fairies.