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Drift - 11 Points in Time LP

Drift - 11 Points in Time LP

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Esoteric Electronica RIYL - Cabaret Voltaire

‘11 Points in Time’ emerges as a stroll on strange terrain, back in 1998, Nathalie Bruno recalls ‘climbing into the attic at night and getting lost in a web of objects from a past that didn’t belong to her’. She was just over 8, and “Rosi’s chest” became an obsession that only in recent years, now as London based producer DRIFT., she knew what to do about. Lost to the world in 1979, Rosi Crucci's life remained frozen in time, shrouded in mystery, a labyrinthine puzzle whose pieces, cassettes of field recordings and tape experimentations, journals, drawings and random objects, can now offer a glimpse into the soul of one of the last outsiders.

We follow Crucci's steps through the sonic paraphernalia she left behind. These cassettes offered Bruno a collection of haunting soundscapes, forlorn brass instruments echoing through the streets of Madrid, superimposed verses of Pessoa that resonate like distant bleeding ghosts, and Sibelius's samples blending in with these surroundings, creating an oneiric atmosphere where the disorientating amalgamations of many eras compress one another to form a new emerging one in eleven instalments.

One pivotal moment in Crucci's journal stands out as the basis for ‘The End’, the first track from the album to be set free for public listening today. "There is no way out of the present impasse,” she says. “Patching things up is fu,le; there must be a new life from the roots." This sentiment could be interpreted as an ominous reflection on humanity's future afer the devastations of war.

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